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Affordable Chimney Repair Services

Chimney USA provides homeowners in Chesapeake, VA and surrounding areas with professional chimney repair work at reasonable prices. We know that most people do not have the expertise needed to tackle chimney problems, so we aim to deliver excellent service that takes care of these issues. Chimneys consist of a number of components that must be carefully maintained. Leave that work to us and enjoy the full benefits of your chimney and fireplace. For a fast and professional chimney repair, call (757) 333-4744 today.

Complete Repair and Maintenance Work

When it comes to fixing chimneys, our team does it all. From tuck-pointing and replacing brick to complete chimney rebuilds, we are the local chimney repair contractor to call. Our work will make your chimney visually appealing and fully functional again. 

What Causes Chimney Damage?

Over time, wear and tear can leave your chimney with defects that must be fixed by a professional. How do these chimney problems start? High winds, the presence of birds or other animals, heavy rain, and frequent use of your chimney can all contribute to cracks and leaks. Lightning strikes and chimney fires are common causes for damage. Lack of maintenance on the exterior of the chimney can lead to internal damage as water seeps inside.

Chimneys fires are particularly common and they are often the result of build-ups of flammable creosote deposits. Regular chimney cleanings can keep creosote to a minimum and keep the risk of fire low.

Common Signs of Chimney Problems

Take note of the following indicators of chimney problems and call us if you have noticed any of these issues.

  • Smoke Does Not Move Up and Out of the Chimney
  • There is a White, Powdery Substance on the Outside of Your Chimney Brick
  • There is a Dripping Noise Coming from the Chimney
  • Bricks are Crumbling or Coming Apart

Don’t put off having your chimney repaired. The damaged chimney will only worsen over time!

We Repair Water Leak Issues

Moisture can cause extensive damage to a chimney! We offer professional inspection and repairs to take care of water-related chimney problems. From replacing chimney covers to fixing cracks in the chimney crown, you can rely on our expertise to fix your leaking chimney and perform any needed maintenance work to keep water out of the chimney in the future.

Be sure to call us if you notice a white powdery substance on the outside of your chimney. The presence of a white powder could be an indication of a water leak.

Examples of Chimney Repairs

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Don’t put off having your chimney repaired. The damaged chimney will only worsen over time!

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